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Facing Major Life Challenges?

Empower Your Transitions

Ready to start your journey?

Watch the Free Webinar Below ...

Discover the 3-Step System helping Gen-Xers and others who are stuck or stagnate make

MAJOR life transitions with ease and grace.

  • Why you should avoid the advice to "Stay in Your Comfort Zone!"

  • The surprising reason Gen Xers and others who are stuck have such a difficult time breaking free of stagnation...and how to avoid it

  • The hidden barriers that often keep people from reaching their aspirations...and how to conquer them

  • How to consciously overcome the very common missteps that people make during major life transitions 


Your Host:  Laura Weber Garrison, PhD

Laura Weber Garrison, PhD, is a Holistic Health Therapist, educator, author, and retreat leader with over two decades of experience specializing in trauma resolution and restorative yoga. Renowned for her compassionate approach, she seamlessly integrates her expertise in trauma recovery with holistic methodologies, informed by both extensive studies and her firsthand experience with trauma and PTSD.

Laura's dedication to facilitating profound change is evident in her work. Her passion for healing extends beyond her private practice, as she leads international retreats, leveraging her experiences as a world traveler to enrich the depth and diversity of her teachings.

With a Doctorate in Holistic Health and certifications in restorative yoga therapy, advanced clinical hypnotherapy, and numerous trauma-specific modalities, Laura brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge and spiritual wisdom to her practice. Whether through her books, workshops, or retreats, Laura empowers individuals to reclaim their autonomy and catalyze personal transformation.

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